About us – member of the management board of 4C Club Schweiz

Marco Ph. L. Kehl co-founder (Präsident)
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Svetlana Ferraiuolo co-founder (Kassier_Marketing)
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Ralf Metz co-founder (Vizepräsident)
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club membership

We share the same passion and enthusiasm for the 4C which also connects us.
Therefore, our club is open for people who share the same and

  • already own a 4C or ordered one
  • planning to by one
  • must like to meet with liked-mined people
  • and also living in Switzerland or Liechtenstein


We are a non-profit club. Our income (membership fee, sponsoring and others) are completely used for our club.
The club offers the following benefits:

  • Organization of events like road trips, attending fairs or trips to race tracks
  • At least once a year, the club sponsors drinks for it’s members
  • Our partner and dealer provides exclusive offers
  • Social Media Marketing (website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Coordination of activities with Alfa, our Partner, organizations and other clubs

The management board works free of charge, so the whole time investment is seen as hobby.