About us – member of the management board of 4C Club Schweiz

Marco Ph. L. Kehl co-founder (Präsident)
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Svetlana Ferraiuolo co-founder (Kassier_Marketing)
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Ralf Metz co-founder (Vizepräsident)
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club membership

We share the same passion and enthusiasm for the 4C which also connects us.
Therefore, our club is open for people who share the same and

  • already own a 4C or ordered one
  • planning to by one
  • must like to meet with liked-mined people
  • and also living in Switzerland or Liechtenstein


We are a non-profit club. Our income (membership fee, sponsoring and others) are completely used for our club.
The club offers the following benefits:

  • Organization of events like road trips, attending fairs or trips to race tracks
  • At least once a year, the club sponsors drinks for it’s members
  • Our partner and dealer provides exclusive offers
  • Social Media Marketing (website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Coordination of activities with Alfa, our Partner, organizations and other clubs

The management board works free of charge, so the whole time investment is seen as hobby.




the news are only available in german.

Rezession von der deutschen 4C Buch Version

Das 4C Buch –

4C Buch neu auf Deutsch

Liebe Alfisti, Petrols Ich habe einen Verlag gefunden, der das 4C Buch weiter vertreibt. Es gibt erneut eine Limited Edition 250 Stk. (Aber nicht wie in der englischen Version mit Zeichnung) Hier der Text des Verlages und es kann direkt bei Ihm bestellt werden; Erzählt wird die Geschichte des Alfa Romeo 4C. Eine Hommage an… Read more »

2024 ready

Endlich ist der Eventplaner Online und wir können die Saison 2024 einläuten

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